Brandon Middle School Media Center

Brandon School District
Brandon Mississippi
Project Team
In association with
William A. Easom, Architect
Project Architect
Mark S. Vaughan

Structural Engineer
Young, Wardlaw, Lasseigne
Electrical Engineer
Andy Covington Engineering
Mechanical Engineer
Gordin McCool, P.E.
Through the mid to late 1990’s, Brandon Middle School began to construct several new buildings to provide much needed space at their existing campus. To replace their small, out of date library, WFT Architects designed a new media center, which serves as the focus for all of the school’s information technology and services. In addition to fulfilling the traditional role of a school library, the media center contains a computer lab and serves as the storage and distribution point for audio/visual equipment.

The school’s existing functional layout dictated that the media center be located at one end of the old building, on a steeply sloping site. To ease construction and control costs, the new media center was designed as a separate building, connected to the existing school with a covered canopy. The plaza created in between the two buildings has become a popular gathering place for students and faculty and serves as the home for a small statue of the school mascot.
Total Building Area
5,860  sf
The building’s interior is organized around the large open library space. Behind the circulation desk are located the library office, work room and storage room. The new computer room is located off the library space and remains visually connected to the rest of the building by a window wall.

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