Meadowbrook Church of Christ

Through the 1990’s, the congregation of Meadowbrook Church of Christ grew steadily. The church has been located on the west I-55 frontage road since the 1950’s when they constructed their first Sanctuary and classroom building. In the 1970’s the church constructed a family center and fellowship hall and in the late 1980’s, a new sanctuary. The original sanctuary and classroom building had suffered extreme damage due to foundation movement and was functionally inefficient. Its mechanical and electrical systems had become outdated and the building’s construction made renovation difficult. With no land adjoining land available for sale, the congregation realized they needed to carefully plan for their future growth within their limited property.

order to guide their future growth, a master plan was developed to help Meadowbrook Church define and document their programmatic needs.  The first phase of the master plan called for the construction of a new education/administration building.  The new building was designed to fit in between the old sanctuary/classroom building and the existing activities building in order to not disrupt their educational and administrative programs.  The church continued using the old building and, once construction was complete, the old building was demolished.  The second phase included the construction of a driveway and visitor parking area.  A covered walkway was designed to connect the new classroom building to the sanctuary.

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