Medgar Evers House

Tougaloo College
Tougaloo Mississippi
Mr. Kelle Menogan, Sr.
Vice President of Facilities Management

Structural Engineer
Cameron Till, P.E.
The home of Medgar Evers was donated to Tougaloo College by Evers’ widow, Myrlie Evers-Williams. This historic site was not only the home of the civil rights leader and his family, but also the site of his assassination in 1963. After several years of abandonment, this Mississippi Landmark was rapidly deteriorating. With support from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Tougaloo College decided to restore the house as a museum testifying to the significance of Evers’ life and death as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
General Contractor
AAIM Construction
Total Building Area
1,010 sf
WFT Architects produced a historic structure report documenting the house’s existing condition, analyzing its characteristics at the time of the assassination, and recommending a plan for its restoration. Descriptions and photographs of the house provided by Myrlie Evers-Williams, on site analysis of existing finishes, interviews with the original developers of the neighborhood, and study of newsreel footage, newspaper articles, and evidence files helped develop a complete understanding of the house’s architectural and historical significance.

Soon after its restoration, the house served as the setting for several scenes in the movie, Ghosts of Mississippi, which documents the trial of Evers’ assassin. The house currently serves its intended purpose as a museum. Furnishings provided by the Evers family augmented by period pieces help present the house as it appeared at the time of Evers’ assassination.

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