Mississippi National Guard Carthage Readiness Center


Mississippi National Guard
 Carthage, Mississippi
Project Team

Electrical Engineer

Andy Covington, P.E.
The Power Source, PLLC.

Mechanical Engineer
Perry E Atherton, P.E.
Atherton Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Structural Engineer

Jon Young, P.E.
Structural Engineering Associates, Inc.
This MSARNG project began with an assessment of the existing kitchen, field measurements of the space, and detailed discussions of functional needs with the Project Manager and Unit Personnel.  This information was subsequently organized into a basic “architectural program” that was used to develop a conceptual design scheme and food service equipment list, which in turn was used to create a preliminary budget estimate. After acceptance and approval by the Mississippi Army National Guard, the design was refined with input from our consulting engineers. Bid documents were prepared and bids were accepted on August 11, 2010.

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