Nu-Way Dry Cleaners

With 60 years of family experience in the dry cleaning and laundry business in this small town, their expanding business forced the Fortinberries to consider a new building. Located at a prominent intersection at the corner of Highway 80 and Main Street, the new building was designed to create a clean, contemporary image while accommodating both walk-in and drive-through customers.

The simple building was organized around the dry cleaning process with the call office and drive through receiving particular attention as the focus for the design. A single canopy intersects the building's northeast corner at an angle and extends out over the drive through. Wrapping this corner beneath the canopy, a curved glass window wall opens the call office and lobby to the exterior. A subdued color scheme ties together the building's interior spaces. The building's understated exterior serves as a backdrop for a custom made neon sign in the form of the company logo.

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