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When St. Joseph High School moved to a new campus in Madison County, long range planning became critical for St. Richard Catholic Church. St. Richard Elementary School moved into the former high school facility and the church took over the former elementary school buildings which included one classroom wing, the former school administration offices, and the former library which originally served as the church’s sanctuary. The buildings housing this much needed space were all built in the 1950’s and were in need of repair. Especially troubling was the extent of damage done to the buildings by foundation movement.

The centerpiece of the new Parish Facility is the Reception Hall, named Foley Hall in honor of Monsignor Noel Foley. St. Richard’s large, active parish makes full use of Foley Hall with regular meetings and meals and frequent special events such as wedding receptions. Its open, flexible space accommodates events of various sizes and its full commercial kitchen can provide food for even large gatherings. A built-in sound system and digital projector allow for audio/visual presentations without the complications of moving equipment and running cable.

Total Building Area
7,400  sf 
Foley Hall is more than a functional space, though. Brick, natural finished wood trim and porcelain floor tile compile a pleasing, subtle palette of materials. Northern clerestory windows bring in indirect natural light. Stained glass windows designed by Pearl River Glass Studio and religious artwork purchased by the church complete the space. Foley Hall opens onto an enclosed courtyard that provides another space for parish events and activities. A steel trellis runs the length of the courtyard, alongside Foley Hall, creating a covered “porch.” Foley Hall, its Break Out Lobby and the courtyard work together to provide a very useful and beautiful focus to St. Richard’s parish facility.

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